Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Apple Pay - Update

Apple Pay is now available for those who have the latest iPhones and iPads.  You need to do the latest system update to access the feature.  Once the update is installed, click on Settings to enter credit card information.  Entering the credit card info is extremely easy - just click the camera icon in the credit card set-up window and hold the camera over the card.  The information is automatically recognized.  If for some reason, it isn't, you can enter the info manually.  Once you are done, the app validates the card information and you probably will receive verification from that credit card company. It took me only a couple of minutes to set up my Apple Pay credit card accounts.

Apple Pay is more secure than using your credit card because it uses NFC (near field communication).  Every time you pay, it generates a unique code that cannot be used again.  That is in contrast to using your credit card where you have that little extra 3 or 4 digit code in addition to the credit card number. 

I found a quick useful article, Apple Pay Do's and Don'ts at http://www.forbes.com/sites/paularosenblum/2014/10/21/apple-pay-dos-and-donts-a-practical-guide/

Another good article about it from CNET, Everything You want to Know About Apple Pay is at http://www.cnet.com/news/everything-you-want-to-know-about-apple-pay/

Nursing Informatics Textbook Error - Chapter 6

There is an error with the first Applications and Competencies exercise for chapter 6.  It refers learners to the textbook website for chapter 7.  It should refer to http://dlthede.net/informatics/Chap06WordProcessing/chap6.html for the multitasking.rtf file.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

EndNote Lessons Learned

I have used EndNote citation software for MANY years but I am still learning :-)  A student in one of my classes had problems with EndNote writing out the names of the author within the citation.  In researching the problem - I found that if the author had published a number of resources and the author's name is entered differently in the EndNote, EndNote believes the author is different, so it attempts to help out by writing out the name.  The work around is to copy and paste the author's name into each resource so that it always appears identically.

When attempting to empty the EndNote trash - the trash would not empty.  We figured out that it was because the citations were being used in the Word document.  After deleting the errors in Word, the trash emptied because it was not in use. 

The third problem - was that the student's EndNote library got locked for some reason.  The research on correcting that problem was to restart the computer.  As challenging as issues such as the three I just discussed - it is rewarding to learn new tricks.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Dr. Morris Collen - Pioneer in Healthcare Informatics - Passed Away at 100 years

I received notification today that Dr. Morris Collen, a pioneer in healthcare informatics died at the age of 100 in September of this year.  His story is a remarkable one - demonstrating his vision about how computers can facilitate healthcare delivery.  Read more at

The story is truly inspirational. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

OneDrive for Business Sync Problems Finally Solved!

As mentioned in an earlier blog, the OneDrive for Business was corrupted during a Windows update on September 10th.  Last weekend, I was able to get the cloud version working.  The problem was that it was not syncing with the desktop folder.  Sometimes, it takes time to critically think through technical problems.  I could see that there were 212 files syncing - but a little further investigation showed that the sync folder was not available.  I renamed the desktop folder with the word _old and then told OneDrive to sync.  It created a new desktop folder that now communicates with the cloud OneDrive.  Took almost 3 weeks to correct the corruption, but that is okay. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

iPhone 6 Update IOS 8.0.2

Am loving the new iPhone 6.  Did not get the Plus - as it was too large for my needs.  There was a software update for the iPhone this week - IOS 8.0.2.  There was no noticeable difference after the install.  Of course, my last iPhone was several years old - but am enjoying the fingerprint recognition feature. I also like the feature which suggests words for messaging - as I realize it is there - I can write messages more quickly and accurately.

 Some complain about the new Tips app, but it provides a nice just-in-time learning feature.  Some of the apps had to be updated to use the new IOS, but that was automatic. 

Educause Conference and Google Glass

I had the opportunity to attend the Educause meeting in Orlando this week and try Google Glass.  I can see the opportunity that the feature brings to education and nursing.  I would need to have it mounted on my glasses frame or wear contact lenses.  The Google rep helped me to use the features (he could see what I could see).  I simply swiped down on the side of the frames to change screens.  The voice command was not good because of the very loud background noise. As you can see from the picture below that the frames were slightly tilted - would need some adjustment.  You can adjust the camera on the frame, though.  There are exciting possibilities for use of Google Glass in higher education. 

New EndNote X7.2 Sharing Feature

EndNote reference manager recently announced that version X7.2 now allows users to share their entire libraries with up to 15 others who also have X7.2 and cloud access.  That is a great new feature.  There is no longer a file size limitation.  Shared users have the ability to read/write.  All the references and associated PDF files can be shared.  This feature provides great opportunities for collaborative work. View the video below to find out more information on the feature.