Sunday, January 10, 2016

Animated Emoticons on the Apple Watch

Ian still learning new features on the Apple Watch.  The one I learned about today was that you can change the appearance of the Messenger Emoticons with force touch.  I use emoticons all of the time when sending messages to my husband and good friends.  What is unique about the Apple Watch emoticons is that they are animated.  You can read more at 

If you have an Apple Watch, experiment with the animated emoticons on your own.  Enjoy! 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Apple Watch - Other Features Including Music

I am still enjoying my experience with the Apple Watch.  It is fascinating to be working on school work when a student phones me on the iPhone.  The iPhone happened to be in another room, but the phone rang on my Watch and the MacBook.  I answered on the MacBook, but could have just as easily used the Watch.

I noticed that when I selected music, that the music played from the iPhone.  With a little more investigation, I realized that I could load music on the Watch and play it from the Watch.  Will explore that more after I get final course grades submitted for this semester.

I noticed Air Play icon but it is grayed out. The  information in the 9-5 column below provides a very good review of the Watch features.  I suspect new OS features might make it have more meaning. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Paying with Apple Watch

I live in a small town, however, Apple Pay is beginning to emerge finally!  What that means is that I had to learn how to pay with my Apple watch.  I thought that since my watch mirrors my iPhone - that the credit cards would appear, but that was not so.  I had to select Apple Watch Wallet & Apple Pay on my iPhone and add each credit card.  I also had to enter the security code for each card when adding it.  To use the watch to pay, all you have to do is double-click the side button of the watch and then select the card you want to use.  Just like Wallet on the phone, you tap or swipe the card.  At any rate, I am ready to use the Apple Watch to pay the next time there is an opportunity.  

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Apple Watch and Apple Maps

We took a short vacation over Thanksgiving break this week.  The GPS in my car is not as flexible as Google maps.  The car GPS does not give me any choices of routes. I wanted to avoid driving on the Interstate because it is always a nightmare with heavy traffic.  I used Apple Maps app to find a way to get to our destination on my iPhone.  To my surprise, the maps feature showed up on the Apple Watch.  The watch indicated each turn and when it was time to make a turn, it vibrated and signaled with a tone.  The tone for left is different from the tone for turning right.  The automatic sync of the iPhone Map app with the Apple Watch was very nice.

Back to the car GPS and choices for routes.  I can edit a route, but would not be able to do that easily if I am driving.  The Apple Map app was much more accurate for distance and time than the car GPS system.  

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SMART Notebook

At the beginning of the semester, I reached out to our University CIO to find resources that I could share with students in the Teaching and Technology course for nurse educators.  That is when I discovered new SMART Notebook features.  All of the classroom computers have SMART Notebook, but I had never used the software and now I know why.  What I did not know is about version 15, which provides a robust audience response system.  The new feature (a subscription) allows the instructor to ask polling questions and the students to answer the questions using their mobile devices, such as a cell phone, tablet, or laptop with an Internet connection.  It is so awesome and easy to use.

The nurse educator students are teaching College of Health Sciences faculty how to use the SMART audience response system.  The nurse educator students are integrating interactive learning into the classroom instruction with fantastic results.

The audience response system is useful for the face-to-face class, but it could also be used with webinar software, such as WebEx.  WebEx DOES have a polling feature, but it does not allow a response with a mobile device.

Two free polling solutions include Poll Everywhere and Socrative.  I have used Poll Everywhere for many years in our learning management system class lessons.  I tried Secrative, but prefer Poll Everywhere - maybe because I am more familiar with it.  There are limitations to the free solutions, such as the number of participants.

While free polling solutions are great, the SMART Notebook polling is better.  You can download a 90-day trial (what the nurse educator students are using) to learn more.  

Apple Watch Update - Works best With a Paired iPhone But Retains Some Features Without One

A few more days learning the Apple Watch and the update.  Apple Watch is designed to be paired with the iPhone.  It works best using Bluetooth, however, it can pair using Wi-Fi.  From what I have read, Wi-Fi uses a little more power from the watch than Bluetooth.  What is interesting is that the watch does have some features when using only Wi-Fi without the paired iPhone.

Two websites explain the relationship:  and 

The experience of a new device is interesting.  I am amazed of the incredible capabilities that the watch provides with such a small "footprint."  I am learning a little more every day.  

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Khan Academy Nursing Videos - OUTSTANDING Learning Resources

I viewed an excellent AACN webinar on Khan Academy a few weeks ago.  Since I work with students to assure their success on passing the NCLEX-RN, the Khan Academy learning resources peaked my interest.

There are a number of videos that nursing students can view to prepare for the NCLEX-RN.  Go to

To quickly find a category, just enter a term into the search window.

The Khan Academy has videos that are pertinent to the nurse practitioner role, too.  Nurse practitioner students should use the ones identified for medical students. As an example, Stanford School of Medicine provides videos for health and medicine at

The Khan Academy videos demonstrate best-practice in pedagogy!  Impressive.  The videos are short and go from simple to complex.  The video displayed below explains normal sinus rhythm on an EKG.

The Khan Academy also has NCLEX-RN practice questions online at