Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Free Microsoft Online Office Word App and APA

I worked with the free Online Office Word app this weekend to see how it works with APA citation formatting.  What sets the free Word app apart from Google Docs is that you can create a different first page.  That is an important APA formatting feature because the first page of paper written with APA formatting has the words "Running head:" and the abbreviated title, but the other pages have only the abbreviated title.

I will post the process for formatting a paper with APA formatting later.  

Social Media - Engaging Learners in Nursing

In my quest to update the 6th edition of Informatics and Nursing, I discovered a plethora of articles and research on social media.  Pilcher & Harper wrote an excellent article entitled "Engaging Learners with Social Media."  The article discusses four popular social networking sites - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  They included statistics, the different features that the sites offer,  and web links to pertinent information.    More importantly, they offered suggestions about how to use the sites for educational purposes.  Citation for the article is below.

Pilcher, J., & Harper, M. (2016). Engaging learners with social media. Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, 32(3), 137-143. doi:10.1097/NND.0000000000000256

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Free Office Apps

It has been over a year since I actively blogged.  I have begun writing the 6th edition of the Informatics and Nursing textbook, so will blog news as I learn.  The most amazing change in the horizon is the advent of free office apps other than Google Drive.

Microsoft now provides access to free versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote with Office.com.  Microsoft also has a free version of Outlook and provides email, calendar, and people (contacts).  Create a user name and password to access the resources.

The free Microsoft apps allow you to download the files you create or save them to your Dropbox account.

Apple also provides free apps for users and 1 GB of file.  You create a free login to iCloud first at http://www.icloud.com.  When you open you iCloud site, you will see Contacts, Notes, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Settings.

Enjoy exploring these new features!