Saturday, April 11, 2015

Case Studies for Teaching in the Sciences

I attended the Teaching and Learning Conference in Athens, Georgia last week.  One of the handouts had a link for the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science at

The resource is excellent.  The site has case studies for all science disciplines, including nursing.  There are case studies for all levels of education.  If you are an educator, the site is worth exploring. 

Apple Update 8.3

The newest version of Apple OS for iPad and iPhones was recently released.  The new version provides choices of skin color and hair for male and female emoji icons.  It also allows user to change Siri's voice.  From what I read on a CNN article, Opps Apple's Diverse Emoji Turn into Aliens, if you do not upgrade, the male and female icons turn into aliens. I prefer not having to make an extra step and select the type of female icon each time - wish it would "remember" my preference.  Who knows what the future will bring with new updates.