Friday, September 28, 2012

MERLOT Health Science Peer Review

We need additional health science volunteers to peer review online learning resources for MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching).  Because of a visionary initiative by the Tennessee Board of Regents, hundreds of free health mobile apps are being added to MERLOT for peer review.  Examples include the CDC and WebMD mobile apps.  We have learning resources for review in a variety of languages, including Hebrew, Spanish, and French.   If you are interested in assisting with peer review, you can sign up for training at .  Please share this email with others who are interested.

MERLOT is a free database with online learning resources for all disciplines.  It includes a federated search engine that allows users to search other databases with online learning resources.  All that is required is for the user to create a login and password.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Switching from Windows to a Mac

I have a couple of colleagues who will be switching from working on Windows to Macs.  Have done some homework to make their transition a little easier.

First, go to Apple Support Switch 101 at  

Go to "On Windows, I used to" for a easy to understand table showing how to perform different functions on the Mac as compared with Windows.

If pertinent, learn to use the multi-touch trackpad, Using the Multi-Touch trackpad in Mac OS X v1o.5, 10.5 at 

It shows how you can modify the trackpad using Preferences (equivalent to the Windows Control Panel).  In Preferences when you scroll over a function, there is a video display demonstrating the action and results.  The 2-finger touch (same as right-click) has be enabled.  Tapping the Control key and clicking also simulates the right-click for additional menu options.

An easy work around as you are getting comfortable with the Mac is to connect a two button external mouse.

If you need to use Windows applications that are not available for the Mac and have enough hard drive space on the Mac, consider partitioning the hard drive, so that you have the option to boot to a Windows operating system.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Features of iOS 6 in Different Countries

iOS 6 features (maps, Siri, iTunes Store, Apple app Store, Dictation) vary by country. Apply has website with feature availability by country at

Saturday, September 22, 2012

iOS 6 Updates

I realize that only a small proportion of my readers use Apple products; however, it is important to talk about the changes in the Apple iOS 6.  I downloaded iOS 6 to the iPad on Thursday and am downloading it the iPhone now.  Heather Kelly at CNN has a great article on the changes at

In summary the changes are:
  1. Email Mailboxes - there are two new features
    1. VIP filter where you can identify emails from those that you consider to be very important
    2. Flagged - a way to view all of the emails that you have flagged
  2. Photos - now when you click the send-to icon in the upper right corner, you get a series of 9 apps: Mail, Message, Photo Stream, Twitter, Facebook, Assign to Contact, Print, Copy, and Use as Wallpaper.
  3. Apple Maps (Google Maps is no longer available as an app).  Read the reviews to find out about the huge number of flaws in the mapping app.  I found it interesting that Apple was able to import the recent Google map searches into its mapping tool.  I did not see any problems with the map from my home to the University.  We have to give Apple some forgiveness.  Many of us have used flawed GPS software including Google maps!
  4. Siri - Siri is finally available for the iPad and can do more than dial a phone number with voice commands.  Welcome to my life, Siri!
  5. Passbook for the iPhone (not the iPad) - There is a screen shot of Passbook below.  I have to figure out how to use it.  Will wait until some others test it. From what I read, it should work like newstand after developer create resources. There is a good article that explains the nuances about Passbook at
  6. World Clock - has changed its look.  It recognizes major cities like Atlanta and Chicago (not small towns).  I added Rome, since we plan to go there on vacation in a few months. When you open the app there is a map with the names of the cities you have identified along with the times and temperatures.  At the very bottom of the window there is an alarm, stopwatch, and timer.
  7. Shared photos - still need to explore this feature.
As I find additional changes, I will add them.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

iPhone 5

My 3rd generation iPhone has been limping along since the middle of July.  The battery will for no reason suddenly discharge and the phone turns off.  I have been following the info on the iPhone 5 for months.  My sweet husband pre-ordered the new iPhone for me last evening.  According to the website - it may take another 21 days before the phone is delivered.  The delay was easy to predict.  From what I read the iPhones available for pre-order were sold out within 1 hour.

That is okay. If the old iPhone completely dies before the new one arrives, I will use text messages on the iPad.  Actually, I use text messages for most of my remote communication with my husband, Martha, and Flor now.

Although it cost more, I chose the 32 GB phone.  There are just too many wonderful apps now.  I have already outgrown the 16 GB phone. 

Blocking Facebook Posts

I do not know about others, but I have some Facebook friends who are very vociferous about their views.  It make me really uncomfortable to see their posts - like viewing Flame Wars. It  has gotten so bad recently, that I considered blocking the friends.  However, I do consider these long-time friends, truly to be friends because I went to grammar school and high school with them. I simply do not share their views on certain topics.  This morning, I discovered an add-in for the Firefox web browser that allows us to block Facebook posts, F.B. Purity. The article that explains the add-in is in MacWorld at

When I first looked at Facebook, I could not see the Add-in.  It was under the "What's on your mind" entry box.  Once, I realized where it was located, I click on it and entered the terms (one on each line) for the Facebook posts that I chose to block. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Disabling Zotero in Firefox - Another Way

Another way to disable Zotero in Firefox is to open Zotero > Click on the gear icon > Preference > unclick sync.  It is easier than disabling the function from the Add-ons menu.

Disabling Zotero in Firefox

As usual, the students push me to learn new things. :-)  This semester, I have asked the GC students to use EndNote citation manager.  It is free through the University and paid for with student technology fee funds.

Prior to this year, we have used Zotero.  The problem is that when we search the digital library and use the export function with Firefox, Zotero "hijacks" the exported citation and will not allow the it to be imported into EndNote.  In the past, I switched to using another  web browser.

With a little research, I found the correction is very simple - just disable Zotero!
In the Firefox web browser, go to Tools > Add-ons.  Select Extensions from the menu >scroll down and click disable by each listing for Zotero.

When you want to use Zotero again, enable it.  Enjoy!